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Location:   There are various advertising locations and sizes available.  Choices include: a banner ad in the header of the site, viewable on every page throughout the site, sidebar ads available throughout the site, sidebar ads appearing in specific sections or pages of the sites, and ads that appear only on specific pages or articles.

Benefits: Link your business to the people who want to know and especially travelers on Interstate 80 searching for quality experiences on their passage through rural Nebraska.  Each ad will click into your business website, your Facebook page, or the story about your business on Nebraska Rural Living. We can also report how many impressions and click-throughs your ad has received while on our site.

Cost: Costs are variable depending on ad size and placement.  Please contact us for pricing that is customized to your needs.

More Advantages: Facebook and Blog site –  We will feature your business on our Nebraska Rural Living Facebook page, and the Nebraska Rural Living Blog where we can highlight your company’s special occasions and events. Your ad may also be featured in our monthly newsletter.

Contact:  Betty Sayers
Tel.  (308) 995-4601

Our Advertisers:

Task Lighting
Phelps County Community Foundation
Nebraska Public Power District
Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District
Check The Lek
Chicken Dance Trail
GROW Nebraska

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