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Welcome to Nebraska Rural Living’s Fine Art in Towns Under 10,000 Art Gallery!

This gallery is intended to showcase rural Nebraska artsts and at the same time increase interest and knowledge of rural Nebraska through the arts. New artists are added quarterly through a juried selection process. For information about submitting art for consideration in the gallery, visit

We invite you to enjoy time perusing through our online art gallery just as you would a storefront gallery. You will see some amazing talent that has been unearthed from the prairies of our great state.

To purchase art from any of the featured artists, please visit their websites or contact them directly. Artist contact information is listed in each artist’s individual section.

We thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the fantastic art that has been created in rural Nebraska!

Volkmer's Barn with ELI 29x39 Barn Door

Kris Seeba – Wellsandt

Kris Seeba - Wellsandt feels blessed that Nebraska has always been her home.  She grew up on a farm near Cook and started painting as a teenager. Becoming an artist ...
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Sandhills Crane Migration, by Norm Nicholson

Norm Nicholson

Norm Nicholson is a retired life-long nature and wildlife lover. He enjoys landscape photography (self taught as a hobby) and the outdoors. Norm grew up on a small farm in ...
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Wildflowers & Old Timers, by Jean Welborn

Jean Welborn

Jean Welborn was born in Atkinson, Nebraska, in 1990. She works predominantly in the medium of acrylic painting with a collection of work that displays whimsical undertones. Her focus for ...
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Wind Swept Sun Flicks, by Garald Horst

Garald Horst

Garald Horst is from a farm in Northeast Nebraska. His first photography venture was black and white with a Brownie 620 borrowed from his mother. He still has the camera ...
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Corriente Mama, by Ibby Allan

Ibby Allan

Ibby Allan grew up on her family’s farm and cattle operation where she developed an early curiosity of the natural wonders around her. Largely self taught, she has been drawing and ...
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photo by Marlene Barnett-Meitl

Marlene Barnett-Meitl

Marlene Barnett-Meitl has lived in McCook, NE for the past 33 years. She grew up in Hays, Kan., and received her bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University. She has ...
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Young Buck, by Bill Coe

Bill Coe

Bill has attended numerous shows and has worked from coast to coast. He trained briefly at the San Francisco Academy of Art. His photographs are featured on television, magazine covers, ...
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Starrry Night Site, by Shawn Erickson

Shawn Erickson

Shawn Erickson from Eclectic Images is a photographer from South Central Nebraska. He was born in Montana and lived in many different areas of the western half of the United ...
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Moving Day, by Desiree Hanjay

Desiree Hajny

Desiree Hajny of Blue Hill, NE has been involved in carving full time since 1985. Before that she was a high school art instructor for six years. She has authored ...
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Platte River Thaw, by Patricia Scarborough

Patricia Scarborough

Nebraska native Patricia Scarborough has focused on painting landscapes of the Midwest since she wound her way through Kearney State College, graduating eventually with a degree in Fine Art. Her ...
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Plum Blossoms in Ball Jar, by Alissa Milsap

Alissa Millsap

Alissa Millsap, born of a carpenter, has dreaming and creating in her blood. She is a light chaser, a seeker of the small, and a lover of silence. An artist ...
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Halsey Evening, by Deb Goodenburger

Deb Goodenberger

Deb Goodenberger lives on a farm south of McCook with her husband. She has been an artist as long as she can remember. After receiving her Studio art degree from ...
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Are you a rural Nebraska artist interested in showcasing your art?  Learn more here and submit your entry to be our next showcase artist.

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