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You are on Your Own, But You Are Not Alone

This is a blog about rural entrepreneurship. We may digress occasionally and go off on other tangents, but I will focus this blog on the special challenges, and advantages, we rural entrepreneurs face. I will strive to help provide you the ideas and resources you need to be successful as a business owner in small town America.

We won’t just focus on the nuts and bolts of running a company, we will take side trips into the American business psyche and roam down other avenues that relate to running a successful business as well as creating a successful life.

But first things first.

You are on your own, always remember that.

You are on your own, but you are not alone, always remember that too.

I have been through what you are going through, or what you are contemplating going through. Namely starting or buying a business while living in rural America. Or perhaps you already have a business and are struggling with some piece of it and do not know where to turn. I have been there and I want to help. Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy and are the single greatest path to wealth available to the average American.

But remember regardless of the amount of support we get from our significant others, children, family, friends, acquaintances, in-laws, etc we are ON OUR OWN in creating or running our businesses.

The success of your business, regardless of the support you receive from those you know and those you love, is your responsibility. Whether it is manufacturing a widget, shipping the product, or closing the sale, none of these activities are going to be done by your personal support group. They are going to be done by you or those you are paying.

Alone at night, worrying about the bills, the staffing for the event, the presentation to the customer, you are on your own, in your own head, wondering why you ever did this, will it really work, losing sleep over the decisions you have made to pursue your business dreams.

No one is going to tell you to get up tomorrow and make another sales call, tweak the product design, discuss a new marketing campaign, DO YOUR ACCOUNTING.

You are on your own.

But there is hope.

There is an entire group of people who have been through this before you (I am one of them). They have made the sales call, sold the widget, designed the interface, gone out and got the loan. They are willing to help, they will share their story, offer advice, give you a shoulder to cry on and tell you the hard truth when others will not.

This blog will be a forum to talk to those who have come before you and supply you with the information, perhaps the critical information to get you through your next day.

Here we will discuss everything and anything having to do with being a rural entrepreneur. Whether it’s finding resources, funding, research, or just some advice to help you carry on, we will try and provide that here.

I have sat where you are sitting. I have started my own business (I was young and it failed, and it was in an industry I knew nothing about), I have purchased a business, I have looked into purchasing countless other businesses. I have sold a business. I had a terrible fire destroy the building I owned and that housed our business, wiping out more than a century of intellectual property and all of our equipment. I have invested in real estate, making good decisions (and some bad decisions), and now I am writing this blog in my spare time (while working for a large corporation).

Scorched remainder of the former office of the Frontier County Enterprise
The neighboring building’s scorched wall is the only reminder of the 110 year old building where our business was formally located.

Remember I have done the majority of the things listed in the paragraph above while living in a town of 900 people in southwest Nebraska.

So, while you may be alone in your effort to start/find/run/sell a business, this blog is here to help. We, all us entrepreneurs, are in it together and can help each other.


Story about our newspaper fire – http://www.nptelegraph.com/news/blaze-destroys-enterprise-in-curtis/article_1601e528-04f3-11e6-942c-1b2484abbbff.html

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Bob Willis

Bob Willis is the Executive Director of Nebraska Rural Living and passionate supporter of rural entrepreneurship.
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