Krafty Kristmas

A Kris Kringle Krafty Kristmas!

As my readers know, I am an aficionado of junk, a “junkionado” if you will. On the last weekend every September, I journey with my faithful friend, Kim, across 300 miles of garage sales and flea markets in central Nebraska’s now famous annual event, the Junk Jaunt.

This was our fifth year attending the Jaunt, and experience has taught us it’s never the same sale twice. In fact, every year, a new theme seems to emerge. For example, 2013 was the year of the neck mirror. Every sale we hit had a neck mirror there, no lie! In 2012 we found rabbit cages at almost every stop. Weird, huh?

Note: The 2015 Junk Jaunt is Sept. 25-27, 2015

What theme will emerge this year?

As you can imagine, we couldn’t wait to see what theme emerged this year. After our third stop, the answer was crystal clear. (Actually, it was dirt-caked and cloudy.)

Old windows

Thanks to Pinterest, old windows were the hot item of the 2014 Junk Jaunt. Everywhere we went, gaggles of ladies craned over their smart phones searching for ideas on how to use these discarded lead-paint relics. They even gave it a name: Primitive Décor. After eavesdropping on two particularly enthusiastic women, I decided to give it a try myself. I bargained the seller down to $6, lugged it home, and promptly forgot about it … that is until the Christmas craft shows started popping up. And glory be! Decorated old windows were everywhere.

Beauty shines through

Most of the windows I saw were beautifully hand painted in the spirit of Thomas Kinkaid, a skill light years beyond my talents. However, when God closes a door, he opens a window (pun intended) so I went with my own God-given talents of thriftiness and shopping, and created an awesome Christmas display for less than ten bucks. Behold!

Krafty Kristmas The materials: Old window: $6. Gift box from Dollar General: $0.50. Snow paint, also from Dollar General: $1.75. Total cost: $8.25! I may not be artistic, but I’ve been through enough Nebraska winters to know what snow on a window looks like. In less than ten minutes, I cut out Santa, taped him to the back of the window, flipped it over, and sprayed canned snow on it. Then I dug out some greenery from a box in the basement and voila, instant Christmas classic!

It was a hit!

My family loved my easymake craft, however I learned one thing about cheap canned snow … it dries and cracks. If you’re going to try something like this, I’d get good quality canned snow or even go with white tempera paint. If you mix the tempera paint with a little dish soap, it will wash off after the Christmas season and you can reuse the window for something else.

Here are some more old windows that other crafty people repurposed for Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone. Make it a crafty one!

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Michelle McCormick

A frequent contributor to Nebraska Rural Living, Michelle McCormick writes children’s books, blogs and produces quirky videos of her adventures from her home in Holdrege, Nebraska.

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