Coppermill Steakhouse and LoungeRibeye with Lobster Mac | Adrianna D. Gass | ADH Photography, McCook

Coppermill Steakhouse and Lounge

Coppermill Steakhouse and Lounge
N Highway 83 and Coppermill Street
McCook, NE 69001

Taking dining to a new orbit in McCook

Are you serious about steak? Are you on a quest for the richest juiciest meatiest flavor on the planet? Celebrate your golden moment in McCook, Nebraska, where you will meet chefs, ranchers, cattle feeders, and beef connoisseurs. These specialists are serious about meat, and they keep current on genetics, grazing, feeding, handling herds, and the standards for raising, processing and aging quality beef.

Coppermill Steakhouse and Lounge
Cousin Eddie’s Stuffed Mushrooms | Nebraska Rural Living

If the scent of beef spins you into a higher orbit, reserve a table at the Coppermill Steakhouse in McCook. The Coppermill is known as a premier Nebraska steakhouse with a reputation for quality steaks, seafood and pasta, beverages, service, and an urban, upscale steakhouse atmosphere. Meet restaurateur and chef Adam Siegfried who likely will be in the house.

Adam Siegfried, entrepreneur and owner of the Coppermill, was born into a farming/ranching family with a reputation for growing award-winning beef cattle starting with genetics and nutrition, and then following with processing, aging, and selecting the most tender and flavorful cuts of beef for their customers. If you feel a fine cut of aged Nebraska beef served with grace and paired with choice beverages, salads and sides is a step toward paradise, join the many who return again and again to the Coppermill.

Like Maine to lobster and Nebraska to football

Coppermill Steakhouse and Lounge
Steak Salad with Honey Mustard Sauce | Adrianna D. Gass | ADH Photography, McCook

The Siegfried family is connected to steak and prime rib like Maine to lobster and Nebraska to football. Generations of Siegfrieds bred cattle, fed cattle, farmed and ventured into meat processing, aging meat, and serving their signature steaks in fine restaurants. Generations of Siegfrieds appreciated fine food and the art and expertise associated with aging, grilling and serving exceptional steaks. Siegfried family recipes currently serve as standards on the Coppermill menu.

Coppermill Steakhouse and Lounge “I recall so many conversations about food in my house,” says Siegfried.

In 1983 Kevin Ord, a McCook entrepreneur, built the Coppermill Steakhouse on a bluff overlooking the 18-hole Heritage Hills Golf Course and scenic canyons beyond. He also built a reputation for fine steaks and quality service.

While in high school, Siegfried started bussing tables for Kevin Ord. He advanced to assisting the grill chef and as time passed, he also managed the bar.

Following his graduation from high school in McCook, Siegfried lived his dream, guiding worldwide travelers on fishing and hunting trips. He guided fishing trips in Alaska for five years, and returned in off-season to guide pheasant and prairie chicken hunts at Ringneck Ranch near Beloit, Kansas. Ringneck Ranch is owned by the Keith and Debra Houghton.

Many great mentors

Siegfried looked up to Ord as a mentor in the restaurant business. He has also adapted many of the experiences learned at the Houghton family enterprise to set up the management system at the Coppermill.

“I was influenced by Keith Houghton, whose hunting lodge and guide businesses are among the best in serving their customers,” he says. “The Houghtons showed me the three essentials to success: full service, good food and atmosphere. They demonstrated how to provide the quality customer service, food, and the atmosphere that brings customers back time and again.”

Siegfried recognized that he felt a passion for the restaurant business. He wanted to incorporate his own ideas for managing a fine restaurant, and he wanted it to be in McCook.

Why McCook?

Coppermill Steakhouse and Lounge
Grandma Siegfried’s Mocha Mud Pie | Adrianna D. Gass | ADH Photography, McCook

“McCook has a long history of people giving back,” he says. “McCook is great place to raise a family. People watch out for each other, and McCook schools rate among the best in Nebraska.”

In 2009 when Kevin Ord put the restaurant up for sale, the Siegfried entrepreneurial genes kicked in.

“I was 25 years old, and I knew I liked the restaurant business, and I also believed that the Coppermill Steakhouse could be the best steakhouse between Denver and Omaha,” Siegfried says. “And if I didn’t invest in the Coppermill, and do it, who would?”

The menu evolved under his leadership. He incorporated family recipes for appetizers, salads, desserts and sandwiches, and added different cuts of steak, along with his own methods for aging the meat to achieve maximum tenderness and flavor.

New dimensions to the menu

Coppermill Steakhouse and Lounge

“Each year we add new layers and dimensions to the menu,” he says. Aside from the famous Coppermill steaks, house specialties include broiled mushrooms stuffed with lobster and topped with parmesan and mozzarella cheese, oysters on the half shell, cheese board with lavosh, lobster macaroni and cheese, and blue cheese and lemon-based oil and vinegar salad dressings.

“In the last two years we added different beers on tap, an extensive wine list, and high-end whiskeys and Scotch,” he says. “We honor my grandmother by making the Siegfried recipe for mud pie, a favorite among our customers.”

Our party sampled the grilled mushrooms with lobster stuffing and oysters on the half shell. Mushrooms and lobster combine deliciously followed by briny, cold oysters on the half shell. We talked as we tasted, and the flavors of the lobster and the chilled oysters inspired stories about adventures and travels on the East coast.

Our waiter presented the filet mignon, and the scent of steak wafted across our table. I noticed the grill marks and the pink center of my medium- rare filet. The soft richness of the perfect steak filled my mouth, and my happiness overflowed.

I will return to the Coppermill as do the Coppermill’s many satisfied customers from Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and friends worldwide.

“We invite the Nebraska Rural Living audience to join us as we celebrate the holiday season at the Coppermill,” Siegfried says.


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