Grinders Food Truck

Grinders Food Truck

Grinders Food Truck
Jim Fry, Chef
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Grinders Food Truck’s orange glow lures them in

Dine in or take out. It’s all the same when you eat the streets by savoring the flavors of the most unique and amazing food from a luminous orange food truck. Especially when it is prepared by a “Fry” cook.

Grinders Food Truck

Let’s get real. You will go bananas for the experience of the Grinders Food Truck and the culinary genius of owner Jim Fry. You’d think there is no room to prepare the most delicious, amazing sandwiches and sides in a food truck, but Grinders is an incredible food factory on wheels.

Grinders Food Truck

Grinders offers the most delectable and tasty sub sandwiches. There’s the impressive pulled pork sandwich, the Pig 3 Way, which includes pork, ham, bacon, cream cheese and the most incredible pepper jam, and the ridiculous taste of the Classic, which is layer after layer of pepperoni, salami, ham, provolone, veggie salad and house dressing. Fry ignites his creativity with the Chicken Salad and the Cuban. All are scratch-made masterpieces and have all the elements to become a guilty pleasure.

Grinders Food Truck

The scrumptious side dishes don’t take a back seat at Grinders either. Homemade coleslaw, pasta salad, beans and au gratin potatoes are perfect complements to the sandwiches. Deliciousness in every yummy bite.

Colorful personalities

Grinders Food Truck In the food service industry, customer service is as important as the food, and Grinders hits it out of the park on both.  “I love it that I can talk to every customer and get to know them,” Fry said. The personalities inside the truck are as colorful as the outside of the truck.

They eat, breathe and just do it. “We are real guys making real food,” Fry said. “There is nothing fancy about it.” Honestly, you don’t have to be fancy to bring an outstanding meal home in a takeout container. It is food art on the go.

Fry was born and raised in Holdrege and mastered the skills of cooking in the kitchen under the tutelage of his dad, who was a chef himself. He has traveled the world using his culinary savvy but prefers the simple life of food truck owner. To Fry, being back home is “way cool.”

Colorful name

Grinders gets its name from an East Coast bread. Well grinders from the ship yard would buy an Italian roll with meat on it for lunch. The sandwich maker at the shop saw the guys from the rigs coming in dirty with soot and said, “Here come the grinders.” That’s where the grinder sandwich got its name and where Fry got the name for his food truck.  A grinder can be called a sub or a hero, depending on the area of the country.

Fry buys as much fresh items as he can and purchases his meats and vegetables from local purveyors. One local vendor raised cabbage just for Grinders’ sensational slaw.

On a typical day, Grinders can be found on the street corners of Holdrege, satisfying the hungers of more than 100 people a day. You can often see the Grinders Food Truck in Minden or Kearney. The truck has been a part of the food truck rally hosted by 24 Hour Tees in Kearney, where hundreds gather to dine on the cuisine of area food trucks.

Grinders Food Truck

Locals say they follow Grinders on Facebook so they know where to go for lunch or dinner. Stop just once and I promise you, you will be looking for the flaming orange food truck at a street corner near you.

What is Fry’s favorite sandwich? “The last one I just ate.”

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