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This month, we are featuring one of GROW Nebraska’s entrepreneurs in our Rural Success Story. Sunheat International products are sold in GROW stores and through The heaters also warm GROW stores during this chilly time of the year. Sunheat representatives have participated in educational trainings facilitated by GROW, and Sunheat International understands the importance of quality workmanship and personal sales service.

GROW business Sunheat International warms up chilly days

Sunheat International Winter has officially arrived since the term Polar Vortex recently made its way into our weather forecast. As the temperatures continue to linger in the single digits, we are bracing for another season of cold fronts and wind chill factors. It’s that time of year when staying warm dominates our thought process, and nobody has heat on their mind more than Josh Rookstool of Sunheat International.

Sunheat International is a Nebraska-based business, an offshoot of a company that began offering quality products when Rookstool’s ancestors first owned and operated a general store in Custer County. When Rookstool’s father took over the family business, he shifted its focus to the sale of Singer sewing machines and eventually infrared heaters in the 1980s. It was his vision that set the wheels in motion for the next generation of family entrepreneurs.

“We make and sell products people need, and everyone needs heat,” says Rookstool, Director of Sales.

Quality products at a fair price

The family business, which now includes Rookstool and his three siblings, was built upon the philosophy of offering quality products at a fair price. At the core of their operation is the Sunheat Infrared Heater manufactured in the United States. Such details as an all wood cabinet, quartz infrared heat tubes that emit no harmful emissions, and the ability to warm up to 1,000 sq. ft. safely and efficiently are a few reasons for the popularity of this product.

Rookstool not only stands behind his products, but he is also conscientious about how they are made and sold. The Sunheat Infrared Heaters are manufactured locally by hand in two factories in Nebraska. The wooden shells are produced in Central City and the Grand Island facility assembles the mechanical elements. The sheet metal and copper details come from another factory in the Midwest to complete this fully Made in the USA product.

Sunheat production Rookstool also believes in keeping the sales process local. That is why you will never see a Sunheat International product in a big box store.

“We prefer to work with mom-and-pop stores because they understand the product and cater to the customer,” Rookstool says.

Dedicated to the independent dealer

Sunheat International He is proud that Sunheat International is the only infrared heating company dedicated to the independent dealer. This point of sale strategy is focused on the idea that a quality product is only as good as the person selling it. Rookstool believes that offering his products in this setting allows for excellent customer service, repair and warranty fulfillment.

Sunheat International has continued to roll out a series of other products that relate to its lifestyle brand. Infrared fireplaces, patio heaters and saunas as well as air purifiers and the new Cool Zone Dry Misting Fan compliment the Sunheat Infrared Heater that started it all.

When Rookstool is asked what drives him and his company, it seems that selling heat merely fuels only a fraction of his ambition. He gives most of the credit to his family, which taught him the value of hard work, and employees who make his vision possible.

“Our company is successful because we work hard to achieve a good reputation and we pride ourselves on a strong work ethic,” Rookstool said.

It turns out a chilly forecast is not the only reason for the success of Sunheat International.

Who To Contact…

Sunheat International
Josh Rookstool
Director of Sales
3724 Arch Ave
Grand Island, NE 68803

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