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Meredith Ann Fuller’s writing has appeared in national magazines. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University, Charlotte, NC.
She worked for years as a psychologist and psychoanalyst in Massachusetts. She and her husband, James Luyten, have three children and nine grandchildren. Meredith and Jim live in Omaha, where she continues to write poetry and fiction and contribute articles to Nebraska Rural Living. Her novel, Quarry, is a mystery in which a young girl comes to understand her Finnish and Irish roots.

Burchell’s White Hill Farmhouse Inn: Pioneers, Then and Now

Burchell’s White Hill Farmhouse Inn: Pioneers, Then and Now

Bob and Linda Burchell Ard exemplify the pioneer spirit as owners of a rural Minden restaurant and bed and breakfast, Burchell’s White Hill Farmhouse Inn. In this essay, writer Meredith Fuller shares the story of the Burchell family pioneers and how the past and the future have much in common…

Grasping the Nettle

To my eyes, weary from winter, this soup is the greenest thing ever seen. A shocking jolt of green! As I ladle soup into a white bowl, the backs of my hands smart. I recall yesterday’s walk with friends, searching for morels along the bottomlands of the Platte. Last year’s battered grasses were dull brown…



Celosia. A word derived from the Greek, meaning “burning,” referring to the flame-like form and color of the flowers. Celosia is a member of the amaranth family whose place of origin is disputed…

Trucker’s Chapel

I’m in the parking lot of a truck stop in York Nebraska looking at a semi-trailer detached from its tractor unit and set down on its landing gear. TRUCKERS CHAPEL, the letters on the side of the trailer say. Steps lead up to a broad front porch with a white lattice skirt and railing. An…

Prairie Feminists Awaken!

“The Awakening”: Suffragette beckons women in the east who can’t yet vote. Courtesy Library of Congress, LC-USZC2-1206, 3b49106 A Grandmother in Omaha trims the wick of her oil lamp and settles down to make a rag rug which will be sold to raise money for the cause of a woman’s right to vote. In a town…

A Stranger In A Strange Land

Limon, Colorado is a friendly place set down in a wide loneliness. From the Spanish word for lemon, limón. But pronounced Lie-man, in this town. Were there fragrant groves, the bare arms of women reaching up? If so, no longer. The main employer, now, is a mixed custody Level IV prison. August 4th, 2016. There…

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