Woodrow (Woody) Harper

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Woodrow Harper lives in Sarben (Keith County), Nebraska. He used to make his living flying airplanes, and has traveled the world. Now he hides out from the popular culture (as best he can) in the valley of the North Platte river as it flows through the Sandhills. An avid reader, he enjoys the quiet and tranquility of his location. He has a JD degree. He has lived in Germany, England and Saudi Arabia.

The Most Unlikely Place

The Most Unlikely Place

Food nourishes our body, art nourishes our soul; a venue that provides both might be considered a “most unlikely place.” In the small Western Nebraska town of Lewellen, just such a place exists; and it goes by that exact name: “The Most Unlikely Place.” And, indeed it is…

A Nebraska Moment

A Nebraska Moment A week ago today I was returning to my place after an errand run to North Platte. The last ten miles of my homeward journey are on county roads. Heading down that county road I encountered a herd of cattle being moved. The road itself was being used to move the cattle…

The Real Nebraska “Way.”

I so admire people like these, who go their own way avoiding and ignoring the “big” store mentality, dedicated much more to the spirit of the land they live on and the people who live there: “Homestead Country Store is a small, privately owned country store, featuring natural home raised: Beef steaks, roasts, and hamburger…

Does your local educational system need a “toolbox?”

Parents, educators does your school system need a “toolbox?” Here is a brief description of what I mean by toolbox: “TOOLBOX™ is a Kindergarten through 6th grade program that supports children in understanding and managing their own emotional, social, and academic success. The foundation of TOOLBOX is 12 human capacities that reside within all of…

The Worst and Most Irritating Pollution in the Sandhills.

Several times a day I experience the worst and most irritating pollution in the Sandhills – Union Pacific train horns. I live near a railway road crossing on the UP coal route and several times a day(and night) a train sounds its horn and destroys the natural serenity of the Sandhills. My crossing has crossing…

Is It Time To Rethink Funerals?

Is It Time to Rethink Funerals? The majestic landscape of the Sandhills and the impact of its natural beauty is captured in this quote: “It is no mere coincidence that our feelings about a place take on spiritual dimensions. An old rancher once told me he thought the lines in his hands had come directly…

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