photo by Don Brockmeier

Aftermath as Captured by Don Brockmeier Photos

Don Brockmeier photographer
Don Brockmeier photographer

February 2, 2016, a blizzard roared into and settled down for a 24 hour snowy stay in central and southwest Nebraska. Don Brockmeier’s photos of the aftermath of this weather event portray the beauty of snow on the prairie, and the danger and the work involved in moving it away from roads and roofs. Estimates were between 15 and 21 inches and 50-60 mph gusts of wind. See the mounds and imagine the snow and ice packed roads in the aftermath.

Don Brockmeier photographer

I cooked oxtail soup and read a Canadian author, Louise Penney’s mystery.IMG_1236 (2)

Don Brockmeier photographer
Don Brockmeier photographer

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  1. Gwen Barrett Carlisle February 27, 2016 at 11:05 pm -

    What fun to see photos taken by Don Brockmeier from my hometown of Eustis, NE. Living in Michigan, we usually go on record for abundant snow but your Nebraska storm was amazing. Awesome pictures, Don!!

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