Approximately 9,000 people live in Phelps County, and when we move a mountain 853 of us or 9% of the Phelps County population stand shoulder to shoulder to lift a shovel, roll a boulder or blast a trainload of rock. Together we move a mountain in one day in November and erase many obstacles among our citizens when we donate to our favorite nonprofits in Phelps County on the Give2Grow donor platform. art school kids3

The Phelps County Community Foundation (PCCF) invites every resident of Phelps County to donate any amount to one or more of the nonprofit organizations listed on the Phelps County Community Foundation website

Congratulations Phelps County! In 2015 the lifters donated $688,336 to 60 nonprofit organizations, and each donation was matched with dollars from the foundation. The nonprofits immediately put the dollars to work to enhance Phelps County and provide direct services to families.AprilMay 100 (2)

In an informal survey a group of donors in Phelps County were asked why they donate to the Phelps County Community Foundation? They said, “Give2Grow unifies the communities by asking everyone to give at a level comfortable for them, and they choose which organizations receive their gift.” The donors added that their trust in the transparency of the Phelps County Community Foundation operations promotes giving. And it feels good to give! See Give to Grow among the essays in the Nebraska Rural Living E-magazine for more information.
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  1. Patti Simpson January 24, 2016 at 11:54 am -

    Our Phelps County Community Foundation is a great asset to our community and the Give2Grow program exemplifies this. We have a great community! Thank you Betty for your articles. They are always upbeat and positive about our area.

  2. Jim Colgan January 24, 2016 at 10:42 am -

    always great to read about the many wonderful things the Foundation can get accomplished with so few.
    keep up the wonderful work.
    Proud to be a part of Holdrege, NE!

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