A molten ball drops
Blazing in gold and crimson
The prairie blossoms

Below two rivers
Ogallala aquifer
Corn, beans and cattle

Cobalt, silver, snow
32 Degrees, chunks of ice
Bob and race the Platte

Wide, high, hollow land
Nothing is stopping you here
dream, plan and do it

Nebraska Star Beef
Green meadows and red angus
Sizzling on the grill

The Niobrara
Born of the aquifer
Taste of mountain air

Blue snow, frozen breath
Engage core and step, heel, toe,
Four bitter degrees

Herbs behind the fence
Lavender, rosemary, sage
Sea, sun and Merlot

White feather fans swirl
Across somber stormy skies
Snow geese migration

Knit, pearl, unravel
Skeins of snow geese waft and weave
Patterns in the sky

Nebraska in March
Earth and clouds and corn stubble
Put my life on pause


  1. Patti Simpson April 6, 2015 at 3:10 pm -

    I like it Betty!

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