Linda Schwarz writes, “There are many signs of life at Schwarz Family Farm this spring. Along with all of the starter plants and perennial plants growing in our high tunnels, we’re seeing a variety of pollinators (including our own honey bees) on our blooming herbs and the Praying Mantis babies have started emerging from the egg cases we have around the farm.”

Linda Schwarz photographer and writer
Linda Schwarz photographer and writer

Linda shot a close-up of this remarkable event happening in their high-tunnels. Look closely at her photo of the hatch to see the emerging young’uns. The Schwarz family thanks their in-house Praying Mantis natural pest control service for keeping the pest population under control in their high-tunnels because the aphids are gathering too. Praying Mantis prey on aphids.
Currently fresh potted herbs are growing in the high tunnels and are available in their pots at Hy-Vee grocers in Nebraska. See the Schwarz Family Farm story and contact information for the Schwarz family at

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