On a visit to see her grand daughter in Houston, Texas, Angela Davis, our world traveler, writer and story teller discovered a country/corner store in their neighborhood that sparked memories of her own childhood in New Orleans and shopping at her neighborhood country/corner store. I too remember a Corner Stores in my small town in Nebraska that served as a quick stop for a forgotten lunch item and often a special homemade sausage or Swedish cinnamon roll available only on specific days of the week. Buying a popcicle at our corner store was my first venture into commerce.

Enjoy the photos by Kim Woods who photographed a pharmacy in Arapahoe, Nebraska where customers sit at an historic soda fountain and order a lime phosphates, a cherry cokes, or chocolate and vanilla sodas. A shelf of hard candies and taffy’s recall candies typical of the 1930’s and 40’s._DSC5353 (2)

Angela writes, “One rainy day looking for something to occupy my grandbaby, I spied an ad for an old fashioned country store nearby, complete with café and a perfect play area for tots. Walking inside brought back a slew of youthful memories. Whenever someone gave me some coins as a young child, I couldn’t wait to make my way to the country store or in towns and cities we may have named it the Corner store, to make my selections! A quarter meant a five cent bag of chips, a dill pickle to go with those chips, another nickel to buy five chocolatey, gooey, sizable ‘Kits’ morsels that came four to a pack for a penny, and a colorful pack of bubblegum filled with ten flavors rounded out my 25 cent bag of pure joy. If I bought a donut, it became a “cake” to have a party for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy too! _DSC5350 (2)

Unlike the supermarkets in the city, the corner/country store was nearby, easy to get to, required no adult supervision, well ‘er, in my young mind made it possible to practice much needed decision making skills without mama peering over my shoulder. The country store was a boon to parents too, especially when an item was needed quickly. What a joy for me to volunteer and then get chosen to make the trip!
Country stores are great places to meet newcomers to the area, or to catch up on the latest news from the store clerk who hears much and is eager to share! Somewhere in the store, on a door or a wall, one might find every type of notice and there was and there was plenty politicking too. These might include local events, elections, auctions, and nowadays, help wanted signs by the locals.

IMG_8155 (2)

The best thing about country stores in my humble opinion is the homemade ice-cream and this country store did not disappoint. Two scoops of lemon flavored ice cream made my day and the gbaby too! It was after 4pm before we made it home from the country store and was a day well spent. You may not stay as long at your favorite country hole, but you’re likely to dredge up some memories that will last you a spell!”


  1. John Ferric July 3, 2016 at 10:53 am -

    Great story. However, our store was reason for some “recycling”, thought that was an unknown concept back then. The “recycling” occurred because “pop” bottles had a 2 cent return value. If we could scrounge up 5 pop bottles we could pay for a double dip ice cream cone.

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