"Grandma's Hands" by Janice Howell"Grandma's Hands" by Janice Howell

Janice Howell

Janice Howell


Janice Howell
Janice Howell

I have always loved art. I wanted to become an artist from the first time I drew a picture in kindergarten. There have been many discouragers along my path. My kindergarten teacher said I would never be an artist. My high school guidance counselor said I couldn’t be an artist because I would have to move to a big city. One of my college instructors said my art was meaningless. I still wanted be the artist I always wanted to be. I got a degree in elementary education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a minor in fine art. Then after I was married and had children, I went back to school and got a K-12 art endorsement from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and am currently teaching K-12 art in Cambridge. I really love all forms of art, and I continue to train myself in different techniques and media, but I love pencil drawing the most, and that is what I focus on when I am in my studio at work.

From the Artist:

Inspiration comes from many avenues. I might see a gorgeous sunrise, and paint a flaming orange sky with the beautiful colored clouds that only Nebraska can present. I might see a movie that touches my heart and decide to do a series of drawings on the depression. Many times, I’m in church and a particularly interesting sermon is presented. I end up doing a painting or drawing depicting the message. I love to draw famous faces. I love the textures in wrinkled and craggy skin, so I draw people who have character to their faces, like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Johnny Cash. Movie posters inspire me to draw sections that are particularly challenging and alive. Art is one of the most important things in my life. I have overcome many obstacles to get where I am. I tell my students not to worry about what everyone else wants; their artwork is for them, and they need to love it and believe in themselves. When society says I’m not an artist, I remember those people who give me encouragement, instructors who said I WAS an artist and other artists who faced the same challenges, then I keep creating.

Below are a few images of this artist’s work. To view more images or to purchase art from this Nebraska rural artist, please visit her website at https://janicehowellfineart.weebly.com/

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"Emily" by Janice Howell
“Emily” by Janice Howell
"Grandma's Hands" by Janice Howell
“Grandma’s Hands” by Janice Howell
"Heroes of the Old West" by Janice Howell
“Heroes of the Old West” by Janice Howell
"Mountain Man" by Janice Howell
“Mountain Man” by Janice Howell
"The Hobbit" by Janice Howell (9 1/2 inches x 24 inches)


“The Hobbit” by Janice Howell (9 1/2 inches x 24 inches)

Contact the Artist

Janice Howell
Cambridge, NE 69022

(402) 922-1922


Artist Website


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