Memorialize #2 by Jeremy Hansen"Memorialize #2", 48" x 60" 2012 Acrylic, by Jeremy Hansen

Jeremy Hansen

Jeremy Hansen


Jeremy Hansen
Jeremy Hansen

Jeremy Hansen’s rural upbringing helped him experience a close relationship with nature that continues to impact his work. He has lived in central Nebraska all his life. The small, close knit rural towns give him a simple outlook on life that inspire his work.

Jeremy has worked in many different media, but began to focus on painting in his late twenties. The extreme energy and vibrant colors with strong contrasts have always been evident in his pieces even as the style has evolved. Nature is his muse, yet all of his work is pulled from imagination. His abstract expressionist style allows the viewer to have their own experience not just view his. Jeremy’s process is unforced and very passionate, he lets go and it flows from within.

Jeremy graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, earning a double major in Studio Art and Graphic Design along with a minor in Art History. He travels the United States selling his work at major festivals, and is represented in several galleries and private collections.

Below are a few images of this artist’s work. To view more images or to purchase art from this Nebraska rural artist, please visit his website at

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Video by Jeremy Hansen


“Video”, 48″ x 48″ 2009 Acrylic, by Jeremy Hansen

Memorialize #2 by Jeremy Hansen


“Memorialize #2″, 48″ x 60” 2012 Acrylic, by Jeremy Hansen

Headed by Jeremy Hansen


“Headed”, 48″ x 60″ 2009 Acrylic, by Jeremy Hansen

Deere #6 by Jeremy Hansen


“Deere #6″, 48″ x 48” 2010 Acrylic, by Jeremy Hansen

Boom by Jeremy Hansen


“Boom”, 48″ x 88″ 2014 Acrylic, by Jeremy Hansen

Contact the Artist

Jeremy Hansen
Smithfield, NE
(308) 991-1372

Artist Website


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