Eden, by Kyle HoytEden

Kyle Hoyt

Kyle Hoyt


Kyle Hoyt
Kyle Hoyt

Kyle Hoyt is an artist from the Sandhills of Nebraska. He lives just outside of Mullen with his wife (Denise) and his three daughters (Gracie, Isabell, and Sadie). He is currently the K-12 Art Teacher at Mullen Public Schools.
Kyle attended a rural country school in Cherry County through 6th grade where art was a big part of the curriculum thanks to his teacher Gayle Neal. He then attended Mullen High School and graduated in 1996. Through high school, his love of ceramics and art was solidified thanks to his high school teacher Dustin Stephenson.

Kyle’s undergraduate degree in Art Education was through Chadron State College, while he recently finished his Master’s degree in Art Education (classroom emphasis) through the University of Nebraska Kearney.

Kyle has a home based studio where a majority of his work is done. He and his family also create crafts and custom work in the studio as well. Along with teaching art, Kyle gives guitar lessons to area youth, coaches the Mullen Marksmen (a Mid-Western Nebraska 4-H shooting sports program), is a member of the Mullen Art Center, and is also a member of the Hooker County Fair Board.

Artist Statement

In the past, I had always considered myself to be a 3-D artist. I have had a love for thrown and sculpted ceramics for a very long time. I tended to shy away from drawing and painting because I felt I would never have the skills necessary to produce artwork that I would technically be proud of. Over the past 10 years, I have started to work more frequently in pencil and pastel. The development of my skills in these areas has served as my inspiration and led me to create the work you see today.

My most recent artwork depicts scenes from not only my hometown of Mullen, NE, but also rural scenes from Mid-Western Nebraska and Western South Dakota (which happen to be my two favorite places in the country). My inspiration has become the chance to capture moments in time and places that I feel deserve to be depicted through fine art. They are pieces of not only my life, but possibly the lives of others either as individual images or as a collective work.

Below are a few images of this artist’s work. To view more images or to purchase art from this Nebraska rural artist, please visit his website at http://northshedstudios.weebly.com/

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Cherry County Valley, by Kyle Hoyt
Cherry County Valley
Highway 20 Ride, by Kyle Hoyt
Highway 20 Ride
Memories of Merritt, by Kyle Hoyt
Memories of Merritt
Eden, by Kyle Hoyt
Shadow, by Kyle Hoyt

Contact the Artist

Kyle Hoyt
Mullen, NE


Artist Website


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  1. Sandi Simonson Royle August 27, 2017 at 8:49 am -

    These pictures are so awesome. Thanks for sharing and the next time I am in Mullen I would like to see more.

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