Buick Smiles, by Michael PetersonBuick Smiles

Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson


Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson

Mike Peterson’s love for photography began in high school when his Grandpa bought him his first SLR camera, and he was hooked. After several years of teaching Photoshop and photo editing, he decided to get back into actually taking photographs and purchased his first DSLR camera.​

Artist Statement

This artist wants to make others see the world in a way they have not yet seen it. He combines the natural beauty of our landscapes along with his eye for the unique beauty in everyday scenery to create images that make you wonder if you are actually seeing what he is seeing.

Copyright notice

Abandoned Bayard Schoolhouse, by Michael Peterson
Abandoned Bayard Schoolhouse
Abaonded Schoolhouse Piano, by Michael Peterson
Abaonded Schoolhouse Piano
Buick Smiles, by Michael Peterson
Buick Smiles
Frosty Yucca, by Michael Peterson
Frosty Yucca
Lonely Windmill Sunset, by Michael Peterson
Lonely Windmill Sunset

Contact the Artist

Michael Peterson
O’Neill, NE

Artist Website


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