Winter Creek, by Beth ColeWinter Creek, by Beth Cole. 16 x 20

Beth Cole

Beth Cole


Beth Cole
Beth Cole

Beth Cole is a former web designer who exchanged pixels for a paintbrush in 2012. She grew up on a farm in western Nebraska where most of her childhood was spent in an imaginary world. In college, she left her magical world for the steadfast, a career in social work and business.

She has studied painting with many accomplished artists including Fealing Lin, Marla Bagetta, Kim Casebeer and others, both online and through workshops.

She received recognition for her work in 2015 when her painting, “Toward the Light”, was selected for Nebraska’s ANAC Traveling Show, and in 2016 when her pastel piece, “
Abandoned” was selected as the 1st place winner in a local art competition, and her oil painting “Veiled” was selected for Nebraska’s 2016 ANAC Traveling Show.

Her work is available at the Wild Rose Gallery in Broken Bow, Nebraska, and online via her website at She is grateful her paintings and prints have been purchased by people from across the United States and overseas.

Her painting studio is in her home in Merna at the foot of the Nebraska Sandhills where she and her husband enjoy photography outings and visits from their grown children and grandsons.

From the Artist:

I paint from life and photographs I take on my drives across Nebraska. Once I find a scene or a photograph I want to paint, I create a small thumbnail sketch using simple shapes and values. I always try to remember why I love the scene I am painting and try to bring the mood and atmosphere into it.

After experimenting with acrylic, water color, oil and pastel, I have chosen to work primarily with oil and pastel. I like the way oil paint glides over the canvas and pastel has my heart because I hold it in my hand to make marks.

As you consider my work, I hope you will think about how it makes you feel. I hope to convey mood and atmosphere in my paintings, also a sense of place and rootedness. I like painting imperfection because I am imperfect and I think imperfection is a true reflection of the world in which we live. I hope my paintings help you connect with emotions that can’t  necessarily be expressed in words.

Below are a few images of this artist’s work. To view more images or to purchase art from this Nebraska rural artist, please visit her website at

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Solitude, by Beth Cole


Solitude, by Beth Cole. Oil, 36 x 36

Winter Creek, by Beth Cole


Winter Creek, by Beth Cole. Oil, 16 x 20

Happy, by Beth Cole


Happy, by Beth Cole. Oil, 18 x 24

Master Study, by Beth Cole, 8 x 10


Master Study, by Beth Cole. Oil, 8 x 10

Unseen, by Beth Cole


Unseen, by Beth Cole. Oil, 12 x 24

Contact the Artist

Beth Cole
Merna, NE
(308) 643-2395

Artist Website


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