The Most Unlikely Place

The Most Unlikely Place

Retired Artists Showcase Art at The Most Unlikely Place

Main street in Lewellen (See Lewellen on Google Maps) is only two blocks long, so you can’t miss The Most Unlikely Place.

In attempting to tell the story of The Most Unlikely Place, where to begin becomes an issue. Should it be about the art?  The food?  Neither really. It’s more about the creativity.

In 2009, three talented artists, members of the Miller family, found themselves back home in Lewellen. They were retired from lives and careers that took them all over the globe, and they had a building at their disposal.

Jean (Miller) Jensen paints eye-catching scenes of rural Nebraska people, history and flora.  Dennis Miller, a retired U.S. Navy officer, paints engaging scenes of Western Nebraska and its history and creates picture frames from distressed wood. Rex Miller produces engaging figures sculpted in wood, brass, marble and etched glass.  (Detailed information about these artists can be viewed here: The fourth member of this team, Cynthia Miller, Dennis’s wife, manages the whole shebang and will deliver food to your table on roller skates free of charge!

The Most Unlikely Place
The Most Unlikely Place

This building began in 1908 as a playhouse and silent movie theater.  The history of the building can be read here (, and it’s worth reading!

Entering the building from the street of a small Western Nebraska town, one enters another realm and a subtle shift of mood and consciousness seems to take place, as Dorothy explains:  “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Should al fresco appeal to you (and the weather is cooperating), The Most Unlikely Place has the place for you.

At the end of the al fresco table and chair area is an open grassy space, perfect for listening to live music.


The Most Unlikely Place
The Most Unlikely Place

The menu ( focuses on quality ingredients, some grown by Chef Cynthia herself, and others from local natural sources.  A wide variety of coffees and teas are available, as is wine and beer.

Art takes up most of the wall space and some of the floor space.

In addition to the works of the three founders, the works of other artists are also exhibited monthly.  Also music from local and visiting musicians is presented on a somewhat irregular basis, so please check the calendar for upcoming events .

The Most Unlikely Place
The Most Unlikely Place

Whether you come to see the art, hear the music or enjoy the food you will be rewarded with a pleasant and most unusual experience in THE MOST UNLIKELY PLACE


Located within a stone’s throw from Lewellen is Ash Hollow State Historical Park, an important stop on the Oregon-California trail.

Ash Hollow by Jean Jensen
Ash Hollow by Jean Jensen

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