Christopher Tripe

Growing up in Alma, Neb. (pop. 1,153), Chris Tripe was actively involved in his community. Like many high school kids in a small town, he played sports — football, basketball, golf and baseball. After graduation, he headed to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to major in business management and finance. Along the way, he met his future wife, Hannah, from Riverdale (pop. 185) and began working in the finance industry.

Christopher Tripe
Christopher Tripe

“A professor told me once, ‘You can do two things in finance. You can either sit in Kansas City and stare at a computer for eight hours and crunch numbers or you can go out, meet people and help them,'” Chris said.

Six years after he headed east, the Tripes wanted to start a family. Knowing how welcoming the community is and that his parents live in town, they couldn’t think of a better place to call home than Alma.

“I know there’s good people everywhere, but I know that some of the best people are here,” Chris said of Alma.

Now, they have five-month-old twins, a boy and a girl, a thriving finance business –Community Bank — that has become an integral part of the community, a home nine blocks from work and are actively involved in their community.

“I guess I didn’t really hear about the opportunity,” Chris said. “I made the opportunity.”

Listen to Chris tell his rural Nebraska success story.

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