Relocation Success Stories

Staci Trumble

For several years, Staci Trumble commuted from Lincoln to Omaha for a job at The Gallup Organization. She is originally from Cambridge, Nebraska, (pop. 1,047) and earned a degree in business administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Staci enjoyed her work, but that daily two-hour commute was cutting into the time she could spend with her young son, Grayson. She started searching for a job that was more conducive to family life and heard about a cost-accounting job at BD in Holdrege (pop. 5,527).

“While I knew I wanted to raise Grayson in a small town, I had never really considered Holdrege,” Staci said. “Holdrege was just a town I passed through to visit family in southwest Nebraska.”

But when she looked further into the job at BD (an international manufacturer of medical supplies that employs 650 people at the Holdrege plant), she was impressed. The salary was competitive, and she decided to make the move.

That was in 2007, and Staci has continued to advance in her professional career and has found that rural Nebraska is a great place to work, live, get involved in community life and raise a family.

Listen to Staci tell her rural Nebraska success story.

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