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About Nebraska Rural Living

Nebraska Rural Living is the brainchild of two sisters who returned to their small town roots after a life pursuing their dreams in big cities.

Nebraska Rural Living’s mission is to market the very real benefits of a rural lifestyle, especially to people who grew up in the South Platte region and moved away after graduation. We highlight the amenities of rural communities and spotlight successful entrepreneurs, who make good livings, free of the stress of urban environments. We offer links to a wide variety of sources and resources.

If you miss the safe, quiet streets, the wide-open sky, the sense of knowing – and caring about – your neighbors, we urge you to register and be a part of our community. And perhaps after you join us in spirit, you’ll join us in fact.

A letter from Betty and Nancy

Betty Sayers and Nancy Herhahn
Nebraska Rural Living founders, Betty Sayers and Nancy Herhahn

We left Nebraska after graduating from high school because we were told by our parents and teachers that if we wanted to “make something of ourselves”, we had to leave rural Nebraska. After seeing life from both an urban and a rural perspective, we found our way back to our native Nebraska, and we want you to join us.

Nancy’s career took her to Chicago and then to San Diego as the West Coast Regional Vice President of HQ Global Workplaces. Nancy and her husband moved back to Nebraska in spring of 2004, because, as she said “life in a highly populated metropolitan city is expensive and wearing.”

Betty left Nebraska to teach at a community college in Belcourt, ND, before moving to Detroit Lakes, MN, where she co-authored a book, and wrote and facilitated grants for nonprofit businesses. When Betty moved back to the South Platte region in 2003 she said it was because she “wanted a life that mattered, with family connections, meaningful work and a healthy lifestyle.”

During our years living out of Nebraska, we read dismal articles describing the out-migration of rural Nebraskans, the declining farm economy, and drought. However when we visited back home, we noticed prosperous entrepreneurial businesses, safe streets, a nurturing quality of life for families, excellent schools and affordable housing. We also noticed communities seemed to be well governed, by citizens who cared.

The reality of life in rural Nebraska vs. the picture presented by the media appeared out of alignment. We decided to help change people’s perceptions of rural Nebraska and invite them to see rural life on the Web site more as it really is.

See life from a better perspective, join us in Nebraska.

Betty Sayers
Nancy Herhahn

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