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Regenerative Agriculture as an organization comes to Nebraska. Well you might ask just what is this “Regenerative Agriculture?”; it is defined as:

“Regenerative Agriculture” describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.”

This month(April 2018) the first RegeNErate Nebraska Workshops were held. These workshops were designed to “Inspire Farmers, Consumers to Go Regenerative.” Read the entire article about these Nebraska workshops here( a great read by the way):

Graham Christensen a farmer from Lyons, Nebraska who is leading the Regenerate Nebraska initiative has web site  access it here:  Suggest material for the site. Post questions.  Also visit the RegeNErate Nebraska FaceBook page:

Attached below is the Nebraska Regeneration Guide.  I urge each and every person who is reading this blog entry to keep going and read the Regeneration Guide carefully.

Regeneration Booklet_041618

The most important thing that folks can do to support RegeNErate Nebraska is to access the regenerative farmers, ranchers, tribal members, consumers, businesses and organizations that are already doing regenerative. Learn from them.

We need to regenerate our soil, there are many ways that farmers, ranchers and consumers can get involved.  What’s great is that if farmers simply utilize regenerative practices not only do we improve soil quality, farmers can also cut serious costs.  Consumers can choose to buy foods from regenerative farmers therefore driving the market.


A full-blown article for Nebraska Rural Living is in the works and will up in the near future, but we wanted to “prime the pump” with this blog entry and get you thinking about this critical concept.


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Woodrow (Woody) Harper

Woodrow Harper lives in Sarben (Keith County), Nebraska. He used to make his living flying airplanes, and has traveled the world. Now he hides out from the popular culture (as best he can) in the valley of the North Platte river as it flows through the Sandhills. An avid reader, he enjoys the quiet and tranquility of his location. He has a JD degree. He has lived in Germany, England and Saudi Arabia.

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