When Pigs Fly!, by Garald HorstWhen Pigs Fly!, by Garald Horst

Garald Horst

Garald Horst


Garald Horst
Garald Horst

Garald Horst is from a farm in Northeast Nebraska. His first photography venture was black and white with a Brownie 620 borrowed from his mother. He still has the camera. Scouting, outdoors, and photography then became a great learning combination. His father liked to try out the new technologies at the time, like 35 mm and Polaroid, but his oldest son somehow ended up using the cameras. A local photographer and mentor also helped with understanding the visual and material photo art aspects at that time. Academic opportunities then pushed photography into the background until pictures became a preferred medium for documenting research results and teaching. After 48 years living in large cities of four states, the chance to rediscover rural Nebraska came with another career change. Now central Nebraska presents him with dynamic photo opportunities through rapidly changing landscapes and wildlife habitat.

From the Artist:

Photography is maybe my way of conveying what seems to be normally missed, but also seeing the mundane in a different perspective. Perhaps pictures are my subtle way of trying to capture the illusion of time.

Below are a few images of this artist’s work. To view more images or to purchase art from this Nebraska rural artist, please contact him directly at garaldlh@gmail.com.

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Devil's Gulch Vegetation Management, by Garald Horst
Controlled burn on the Devil’s Gulch Canyon walls.
No Enhancement Sunrise, by Garald Horst
Sunrise with very vivid colors, no enhancement necessary.
Too Much Energy For One Bolt!, by Garald Horst
Too Much Energy For One Bolt!
Two Weeks Apart, by Garald Horst
Two Weeks Apart
When Pigs Fly!, by Garald Horst
When Pigs Fly!

Contact the Artist

Garald Horst
80090 Dunning Rd., Arnold, NE 69120
(402) 525-2882



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