Behind Every Cloud, by Jay GustafsonBehind Every Cloud

Jay Gustafson

Jay Gustafson


Jay Gustafson
Jay Gustafson

Jay Gustafson was born and raised in the sand hills of Nebraska and life long resident of Brown County. Jay graduated from Rock County High School and was drafted into the Army and spent a tour in Vietnam. During that time, he purchased his first SLR camera and began shooting pictures. He hasn’t had any formal training, and is self taught in photography. He is currently retired and continues taking photographs as a hobby.

Artist Statement

I consider a photograph excellent if it evokes an emotional response within me. And what makes a photo unique is that it is subjective, meaning that my response or feelings can be completely different than that of everyone else.

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Behind Every Cloud, by Jay Gustafson
Behind Every Cloud
Prairie Sentinel, by Jay Gustafson
Prairie Sentinel
Quiet Pond, by Jay Gustafson
Quiet Pond
Pine Tree Blue Jay, by Jay Gustafson
Pine Tree Blue Jay
Mare & Colts, by Jay Gustafson
Mare & Colts

Contact the Artist

Jay Gustafson
Long Pine, NE

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