I Dew, by Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash"I Dew", 18x24" canvas painting in oils. By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Freelance Artist

Jeremy Lawrence Spike Cash
Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash paints from his studio in Nebraska City, Neb. He is a self-taught artist with many influences. He hasn’t won any awards and doesn’t have any degrees or certificates in art, but he has a passion for creating art and sharing his experiences. He started Spike’s Art Room in 2013 after a friend noticed his painting and asked him to paint a memorial painting in honor of her horse. In 2015, he started Spike’s Art Project to honor his mom, who died from cancer in 2011. In 2015-16, he is donating 10 percent of his art sale proceeds to the American Cancer Society. He shows his art in the Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City each September. What makes him different from other artists is also that he is legally blind. He doesn’t, however, let his disability limit his creativity and passion for art as he has sold more than 200 paintings in his first three years as a painter.

Below are a few images of this artist’s work. To view more images or to purchase art from this Nebraska rural artist, please visit his website at spikesartroom.com.

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By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash
By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Happy Mill, by Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash
“Happy Mill”, 8×24″ canvas painting in oils. By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Purple Rain by Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash
“Purple Rain”, 16×20″ canvas painting in oils. This painting was created the week Prince died. Although when I started the painting, Prince wasn’t what I had in mind, the purple in the painting fit perfectly so I named it, “Purple Rain” in honor of Prince’s legacy. By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Shades of Freedom, by Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash
“Shades of Freedom”, Gray-scale painting, 22×28″ canvas painting in oils. By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Tipsy, by Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash
“Tipsy”, 18×24″ canvas panel painting in oils. If you look closely each item in this painting is tilted either to the right or the left. By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

I Dew, by Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash
“I Dew”, 18×24″ canvas painting in oils. By Jeremy Lawrence ‘Spike’ Cash

Contact the Artist

Jeremy Lawrence Spike Cash
Freeland Artist
Nebraska City, NE
(402) 969-0568

Artist Website


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