Jay Gustafson

Jay Gustafson was born and raised in the sand hills of Nebraska and life long resident of Brown County. Jay graduated from Rock County High School and was drafted into the Army and spent a tour in Vietnam. During that time, he purchased his first SLR camera and began shooting pictures.

Kyle Hoyt

Kyle Hoyt is an artist from the Sandhills of Nebraska. He lives just outside of Mullen with his wife (Denise) and his three daughters (Gracie, Isabell, and Sadie). He is currently the K-12 Art Teacher at Mullen Public Schools.

Jean Jensen

Jean Jensen grew up in Lewellen and Oshkosh, Nebraska. Inspired by a mother who encouraged art and with a wider sense of the world, Jean attended the University of Nebraska and then moved to Chicago where her love of art and the Impressionists grew during many visits to the Chicago Art Institute.

Cody and Ashley Gerlach

Cody and Ashley Gerlach both grew up in rural Nebraska, and like many small-town kids, they were determined to leave for the city following graduation. In 2009 Jolene Miller, owner of “The Cambridge Clarion,” asked if they would be interested in moving back to Ashley’s hometown of Cambridge (pop. 1,047) to take over the newspaper in Cambridge.

Staci Trumble

For several years, Staci Trumble commuted from Lincoln to Omaha for a job at The Gallup Organization. She now lives in Holdrege, NE and doesn’t miss the two-hour commute.

The Most Unlikely Place

Food nourishes our body, art nourishes our soul; a venue that provides both might be considered a “most unlikely place.” In the small Western Nebraska town of Lewellen, just such a place exists; and it goes by that exact name: “The Most Unlikely Place.” And, indeed it is!

Andrew’s Garden

There’s no place better to pick up some fresh garden produce than Andrew’s Garden. Andrew started growing fruits and vegetables as part of a class project in high school 20 years ago. Now, the 34-year-old rural Funk entrepreneur is well-known in Central Nebraska for his large variety of quality and flavorful locally-grown produce.

Glion Scooter

A Holdrege lawyer teamed up with two Chinese business partners to successfully create and sell an electric scooter that is used by commuters around the globe to save money on gas while reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. Now, the team is preparing to introduce a new product to help people with limited mobility. Read this month’s entrepreneur success story to find out how a rural Nebraska lawyer helped form an international scooter company

The Dairy Barn

Mmmm Summer! It’s like a taking a trip back in time at Alma’s old-fashioned Dairy Barn, where hungry lake visitors, travelers and locals feast on gourmet hamburgers, smoked pork sandwiches and yummy summer treats like crunch cones, banana splits and root-beer floats.

Beverage Butler

It’s summertime and prime time for picnics with family and friends in rural Nebraska. But, what’s the one problem that always occurs with the drink dispenser at your get-together? That messy dripping spigot! Two Holdrege sisters have made it their mission to solve that problem with their invention, the Beverage Butler, the ultimate drip catcher.