Jean Welborn

500 Days is an outdoor art installation comprised of twelve acrylic paintings by Jean Welborn. The site was constructed as a tribute to Welborn’s late grandfather and his small town farmer roots and work ethic.

The Cambridge Clarion

As the editor of a small rural Nebraska newspaper, there’s seldom a murder or plane crash to cover. Sometimes there’s still political drama, but most of the time the job consists of being a “community cheerleader.” It’s a job that 32-year-old Cody Gerlach, owner of three small-town weekly newspapers, loves.

Cunningham’s Feed

Sixteen years ago, Kevin and Mitzi Urbom’s daughter suggested the possibility of opening a restaurant in their hometown of Arapahoe so she could practice her new culinary skills. While the original plan changed somewhat, that request resulted in the renovation of a former feed store in Cunningham’s Feed, which now serves some of the best salmon, filet mignon and homemade bread pudding in rural Nebraska.


Celosia. A word derived from the Greek, meaning “burning,” referring to the flame-like form and color of the flowers. Celosia is a member of the amaranth family whose place of origin is disputed.

Sparky’s Wing & Dippin’ Sauce named “Best in the World”

If you love tailgating at Husker football games, you may have met Captain Todd Morgan, or “Captain Morgan” as he likes to joke. A firefighter for the Grand Island Fire Department for almost 29 years, Todd has been tailgating and sharing his locally famous Sparky’s Wing & Dippin’ Sauce with fans for years.

Organic grains are the stars at Grain Place Foods

When the Rural Foodies heard about David Vetter and Grain Place Foods from organic growers near Bertrand, Nebraska, they had to find out the scoop. So they headed to Marquette, Nebraska, where they were greeted by the homespun smell of fresh grains the minute they walked in the door.

Eustis Pool Hall

The legendary Eustis Pool Hall on Railway Street in Eustis, Nebraska, is approaching 100 years of delivering food, beverages and good times for families in the Eustis, Cozad, Lexington, and Johnson Lake region.

Big Eye Spinnerbaits

Kristi Dvorak caught quite a fish tale when she visited with the Cooper family in Sutherland. She learned about their business, Big Eye Spinnerbaits, which has expanded to involve the entire family.